Adam Ruddle

Head of Chassis

Pininfarina Automobili


My career has involved a number of interesting lightweighting challenges.

In the motorsport environment of Cosworth and Prodrive, the imperative was competition advantage to win races. The money that teams were willing to go to save even a kilogramme was impressive but more than that, the time that individual engineers would spend ensuring that their components were perfectly optimised was almost unlimited irrespective of how small the individual gains might have been.

For the amphibious Gibbs Aquada, failure to meet weight targets would have been the difference between a fabulous car/boat hybrid vehicle and an unintentional submarine !

Then 15 years working on various electric vehicle projects at ULTra PRT, Tesla, Faraday Future and Automobili Pininfarina where every kg of mass has a bottom line impact on the real world range and performance (as well as crash and strength targets based of GVW) reinforced the importance of weight management being a key focus of successful projects as well as needing to be important to everyone on the team.

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